About Fresh Start Global Outreach Ministries 

We are a ministry that strives to empower, equip and engage people through economic
endeavors, educational endeavors and edification of the word of God.
We will lead by example as we learn the true word and will of God and we must love with
the same agape love as Christ loves us.
We are social justice advocates for those in our community that feel they have no voice.
We are active in our community assisting everyone regardless of race or social-economic
status. We work well with other organizations that provide resources and support to our
We provide mentoring and tutoring, adult literacy and GED preparation. We partner with
other community members to assist in our community in whatever capacity deemed
necessary. We are in Rural Georgia with limited access to resources needed in our
community. We also provide resources not readily available to others due to
demographics and location. We provide assistances to our community and families
struggling to make ends meet.
We assist those struggling with addiction, incarceration, fighting to get out of bondage and
struggling with mental illness. We are actively involved with other counties standing for
the rights of all citizens. It is our desire to serve the whole man mind, body and soul.

Our Pastors:
Apostle Annette Higdon

Senior Pastor

Phone: 229-221-1212

Pastor Gloria Adams

Associate Pastor

Phone: 914-406-0208

Pastor Fergus Robinson

Associate Pastor

Phone: 229-327-4535

Pastor Theresa Jones

Youth Pastor

Phone: 229-327-7545

reka_good (1).jpg
Elder Sherika Hubbard

Associate Pastor

Phone: 229-977-2450

My project-1 (2).jpg
Pastor Philbert BadreSingh

Associate Pastor

Phone: 914-406-0208