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Our Ministries

We are a ministry that cares about the whole man mind, body, soul and spirit. We want everyone to have a place to serve and demonstrate their gift. We are blessed to have 27 ministries for people to embrace and grow. There is something for the whole family to become involved with. 

* Ministerial Staff  * Deacon Staff  *Usher Staff  *Intercessor Team
*Prophetic Team *Worship Team *Praise Team *Dance Ministry *Mass Choir 
*Youth Praise Team *Activities/Event Coordinators

*Outreach Ministry *Care Coordinators (Nursing Home/Hospital) *Youth Ministry *Young Adult
*Armor Bearer Team *Pastor’s Aide Committee *Culinary Dept.  

*Food & amp *Clothing Pantry *Men’s Ministry *Women’s Ministry  

*Marriage Ministry *Singles Ministry *Media Ministry *Financial Ministry 

 *PrisonMinistry *Nursing/Medical Ministry

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Youth Ministry will energize our youth to become productive and powerful as youth by believing they are important and they matter! Their voices will be heard and their lives will be fruitful. We will prepare them to become our future leaders.


Marriage Ministry will empower couples to lead by example and love with the same agape love that Christ loves us with. We will learn how to respect, reflect and restore our differences by embracing each other individually and corporately. We will allow each other to flourish in our own individuality while becoming one.

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Women’s Ministry will engage and equip women to serve in the capacity they were created to serve. Women are powerful and anointed to win in their family, church, community and workplace.


Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry will embrace and empower men to become whom they were created to be. It is time for men to take their rightful place in their family, church, community and workplace so they can change the dynamics of their lives and those attached to them. They are warriors and chain breakers.

Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry will enhance and empower the next generation of leaders to become world changers and generational shifters. We will shift atmospheres, regions and cities to reflect Jesus.

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